Ever wish that your website would just write itself?

You’re not alone. Plenty of business owners struggle with writing web copy that accurately describes what they do. Targeting a specific group of customers with your copy is even trickier – you don’t want to attract projects that are irrelevant, poorly paid or uninteresting. 

Then there’s the whole issue of search engine optimisation, and making sure your website doesn’t end up on the umpteenth page of Google (beyond the gaze of potential customers searching for what you do). 

Even if you’re a half-decent writer, coming up with copy for your website takes time, talent and energy – all of which you could be putting to better use running your business.

So what do you do if you want a website that’s visible, well-written and irresistible to customers? Hire a copywriter who understands your line of work, who specialises in writing for the web, and who’s committed to helping you achieve your business goals with copy that truly connects with your target audience.


Why hire a copywriter?

🙌 Attract the work you actually want. No more boring, underpaid projects for you! A website that’s written with your target customer in mind means you'll receive more work opportunities suited to your skills.

👓 Position yourself as an expert in a competitive industry. A strong web presence means you’ll be able to command highly paid work and be respected for the pro that you are.

📈 Rank higher on Google. A digital copywriting specialist can target the right keywords to boost your SEO and increase your flow of traffic from search engines.

💻 Drive more online sales. Professionally written website copy is the secret weapon in your sales arsenal. Get it right and you can focus on what you do best without ever worrying about sales.

💥 Stand out with a unique brand voice. Why bother with a beautiful website if it doesn’t read as good as it looks? The right words will leave a lasting impact, making you unforgettable. 

Feeling psyched to team up with a copywriter who totally gets your brand, specialises in website copy and loves working with small businesses like yours?
Well, as luck would have it…

That's me!

 Matt Ayres, freelance copywriter and content creator

I’m Matt Ayres, a copywriter who enjoys nothing more than writing super effective websites for small business owners.

From freelancers and solopreneurs to creative agencies and startups, my commitment to crafting standout copy for websites helps my clients to make more sales without losing focus on the projects and tasks that keep them busy on a daily basis.

My writing career started out in journalism, where I wrote for publications including The Guardian and ShortList. I soon realised that working with small businesses was my real passion, so turned my hand to helping likeminded entrepreneurs make their businesses a success via websites that connect with customers and convert clicks into sales.

You can get to know me a little better on my about page. Or perhaps you’d prefer to hear what my clients have to say about me – in which case, keep scrolling!

 Tim Harling, Tidy Studio, design agency in Cardiff, South Wales  

“Matt gets what we are trying to communicate really easily and quickly, which gives us time to focus on the visual aspect of our work. His writing style lends itself to real world applications and has a very genuine tone. It feels like he's part of the Tidy team when we work together.”

Tim Harling
Founder, Tidy Studio


My website copywriting process

Every client I work with ends up with a website that they can't wait to show the world.

Here's my tried-and-tested process for producing website copy that tells your story and converts visitors into customers.


We kick things off with a brand questionnaire – this is your chance to tell me all about your business, your aspirations and what you want to achieve with your website.


Armed with your responses and knowledge from my own research into your industry, I’ll present my suggestions for your website to you. Once you're happy, it's writing time!


I’ll get to work writing the perfect website for your business. As well as being wonderful to read, your website copy will be written with SEO in mind.


Ta-da! Your awesome website is finished. Feel free to share your feedback for any final tweaks. I'll also proofread your site to make sure it's word-perfect when it goes live. 

 Dan Sargent, Blue Stag, creative agency in Cardiff, South Wales  

“Matt is reliable, hands on, experienced and an all-round nice guy. By working with him, we’ve been able to produce a website that combines design and content, resulting in a great user experience. He’s one of the most talented copywriters I’ve worked with.”

Dan Sargent
Founder, Blue Stag

Here's what you get...

An attention-grabbing, search engine optimised home page that instantly shows people what makes your business brilliant.

A characterful about page that tells the story behind your business and makes a lasting connection with your target customers.

Enticing product and service pages that combine sales psychology with persuasive writing to maximise your conversion rate.

Two rounds of copy amends, plus a final proofread to make sure every word, sentence and paragraph is perfect for your business.


Ready to grow your business with professionally written website copy?