How to write irresistible headlines so that people read your content

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Did you know that the average human attention span has shrunk by four seconds since the year 2000?

This is likely due to the vast flood of information that hits our brain cells the minute we go online. 

With that in mind, it’s essential that the content on your website grabs people’s attention from the get go. The first thing they see needs to be utterly, undeniably irresistible. And 99 times out of 100, that’s going to be your headline.

From search engines to social media, headlines show up in practically every place you want people to find your content online.

A good headline will convince the person who discovered your content to click it and read more. A bad one will send them scrolling elsewhere in search of something better suited to their needs.

So, how can you write headlines that compel people to read what you’ve published on your website or blog? Start by considering what the person reading your content actually wants to read.

For example, when people conduct an online search, it’s often because they’re trying to learn how to do something.

Think about it: how many times have you turned to Google seeking a quick and easy method to get something done? Whether it’s achieving the latest interior design trend in your home or coding a website from scratch, how-to guides fill the void by offering clear solutions to common problems.

Including ‘How to’ at the start of your headline is an easy way to get people interested in your content. For example:

How to train a puppy

If you own a puppy and don’t know how to train him, you might be convinced to click on this headline. But it can be made so much better.

Let’s try adding some things the headline above:

How to train your puppy, even if you’re a beginner

This headline now stands out from more generic guides by offering the reader something specific: they’ll learn how to train their puppy, and the headline makes it clear that it doesn’t matter that they lack experience.

You could get more specific still:

How to train your puppy to sit, even if you’re a beginner

How to train your puppy to behave on walks, even if you’re a beginner

How to toilet train your puppy, even if you’re a beginner

Now you’ve got ideas for three different blog posts, and are offering the reader specific promises within your headlines.

If you ran a dog training business, this would be a great way to show potential customers that you know your stuff. There’s a good chance it would generate interest in your services, driving traffic to your website and improving your search engine ranking.

Need help coming up with the perfect headline for your blog or website? Drop me a message with some details about your business and I’ll send back a handful of top-notch, totally bespoke titles that you can use, for free.

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