Script writing

A good script will take your videos, animations and podcasts to the next level.

 Script writing for videos, animations and podcasts in Cardiff

Struggling to describe your new product or service in language that customers understand? I can help you to tell your business story in an exciting way, turning the thoughts in your head into thought-provoking dialogue. 

Script writing requires a different approach to other types of copywriting. For words to sound convincing when they’re read out loud, your audio or video script needs to be crafted with a strong understanding of the subtle nuances between spoken and written language.

By taking time to understand your business’ unique personality and tone of voice, I can turn your ideas into compelling sentences and paragraphs that read like refined versions of your own thoughts. Your script will sound authentic and natural, as if you came up with it yourself.

A good audio or video script should do all these things.

  • Convey personality – your business is unique, so your script should be too
  • Talk to your customers and clients using language that they understand, not confusing industry jargon
  • Sum up ideas concisely and coherently to maintain the attention of your audience
  • Provide original ideas people can really get behind, rather than clichés and stereotypes
  • Cover all the points you need to address in an upbeat and optimistic manner

Every script writing project I take on starts with a friendly meeting or phone call where I learn about you and your business.

Book your free chat today, simply by getting in touch.


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