Press releases

How cool would it be to see your business featured in your favourite publication?

  Journalism and PR for small businesses in Cardiff, South Wales

Yep. It would be pretty darn cool. Which is why it’s extra important to get your press releases spot on, convincing editors to give you the kind of coverage that money can’t buy.

There's no better training for writing successful press releases than working as a freelance journalist. I’ve landed successful pitches in the inboxes of editors for a wide range of publications, from The Guardian to Shortlist Magazine.

And it’s not just the mainstream press I’ve written for – my journo credentials also include work for trade titles, customer magazines, niche blogs and local newspapers.

Wherever you’re aiming to get your products or services published, I can help you by writing a targeted press release that’s packed with relevant information. I know what editors look for, and after learning about your business, I’ll come up with a pitch that piques their interest, potentially leading to priceless coverage.

Here's how I go about crafting awesome press releases for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

  • Emphasise interesting and relevant aspects of your business to the publications you’re targeting
  • Suggest original angles based on current affairs, consumer trends and news from within your industry
  • Structure press releases in an editor-friendly way: clear, concise and packed with useful info
  • Provide need-to-know information for bloggers and online journalists to publish content with minimal editing
  • Establish opportunities for future coverage by making a positive and professional first impression

If you’re excited by the prospect of being featured in the media and can’t wait to get your name out there, here's your chance.


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